About the 7th Ward

Tangipahoa Parish, like other Parishes in Louisiana, is divided into subdivisions usually for administrative or political purposes that are called Wards.  Unlike other Wards in Tangipahoa Parish which operate under a Justice of the Peace/Constable structure, the 7th Ward operates under a City Court Judge/Marshal structure. 

The Marshal is the executive officer of the court he will execute the orders and mandates of the city court of Hammond which include issuing notices, summons, subpoena’s and warrants, this also includes making arrest and preserving the peace.  Another area of the Marshal’s office is to process Garnishments, Judgments and similar functions.  The Marshal has the same power and authority as a Sheriff and at times will appoint deputies to carry out duties who will hold the same power and authority as the Marshal himself. 

The Marshal shall maintain a well trained well equipped staff that will carry out these court mandates and orders.  The Marshal will assist local, state and federal law enforcement agencies when called upon to the best of their ability.

The jurisdictional boundaries of the 7th Ward include:

  • Northern boundary: Wardline Road / University Drive
  • Southern boundary: Tangipahoa Parish line including Manchac
  • Eastern boundary: Tangipahoa River
  • Western boundary: Livingston Parish Line